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Gloss Meter Calibration

Manufacturers of Gloss Calibration Equipment

A few of the many gloss meters:
Alpha Technics IG-310 Gloss Checker

Beta Industries Betagloss

BYK Gardner CC-6801 spectro-guide 45/0 gloss meter

Elcometer 406 GLOSS METER

Horiba IG-310 Gloss Checker

Hunterlab D-48-7 20 gloss meter

A few more of the gloss meters:

KSJ MG268-F2 Multi angle gloss meter

Novo-Gloss F603000 Gloss meter

QIP GlossMaster 20/60/85 Gloss Meter

Rhopoint Lite 45 Glossmete

Sanwa Kenma IG-330 Gloss meter

Tasco TMS724 Gloss meter

Total ETB-0833 Gloss meter

Tricor Systems MICRO-gloss 20 Gloss Meter

Zehntner ZGM 1020 Gloss meter